Mission Statement


Working to build and empower teens from economically disadvantaged circumstances to live successful lives through education and service.


At MLUYFI, we believe that every young person…

  • Has the potential to succeed and lead, regardless of life circumstances.
  • Deserves to have connections with caring adults who empower them to share their views and engage within their communities.
  • Deserves equitable access to quality education, work and life experiences ensuring a brighter future and a better world.


Making Lives Unique Youth Foundation Inc. is a program designed to provide student athletes with the tools needed to graduate high school with a plan for their higher educational academia and opportunity to play at the collegiate level.

MLUYFI is based on the three E’S… EXPLORE, EVALUATE, & EXECUTE. We focus on exploration and opportunities on and off collegiate campuses. We also give an evaluation on their goals that are setup through our different programs. Lastly, we formulate and give them a detailed plan to execute their dreams.

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