Books Before The Game

Books Before The Game was created to help student athletes and families understand the process of becoming NCAA eligible.

Being a parent of a student athlete we completely understands the feeling of being lost, scared and not knowing if our child was doing the correct things to ensure they would be eligible for an athletic collegiate scholarship.

After lots of research and hard work Books Before The Game was made in hopes of creating a more user-friendly process for NCAA eligibility. Here are our FOUR CORE VALUES.

Core Value #1

Understanding what the NCAA Core 16 classes are and the difference between NCAA Core 16 classes and Non-Core 16 classes.

Core Value #2

We create a path for all Student Athletes to take and meet all the NCAA Core 16 classes based on what their institution deems eligible by NCAA.

Core Value #3

We help with the understanding of the SAT/ACT an how it ties into the NCAA eligibility process. (Schedules, online sign ups, and how to get scores once completed)

Core Value #4

We help each Student-Athlete sign up for the NCAA Eligibility Center with the correct information and in a timely manner.

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