The Challenge

7.4 Million Young Men and Women play high school sports every year and only 492,000 play collegiately. Which means that only 6% of young people will even have a chance to fulfill their dream of playing collegiate sports. That is why OUR TEAM makes EDUCATION Plan A.


  • EMPOWER TEENS: Strong quality programs ensure teens have the tools and skills needed to succeed.
  • EQUIP ADULTS: Caring, responsive and knowledgeable adults build relationships with youth by creating engaging and empowering learning environments.
  • STRENGHTHEN PROGRAMS: Well researched program-solutions create equitable and transformative opportunities for teens.

F.R.E.S.H. (Fundamentally Reshaping Every Student-Athlete’s Habits)

FRESH is a program that reiterates to our student athletes that changing the way we eat, sleep, study, work and think will be vital to a successful and long lasting future in whatever career path they choose to pursue! Our Habits mold our future and we are the product of the habits we obtain through life.

In a field as competitive as collegiate sports, it’s vital for our student-athletes to graduate from High School with not only a High School degree and on-the-field talent, but a well-rounded ensemble of skills and connections.

What happens if you get injured, and you can’t play again? That is the Reality of playing sports so these student athletes must have education as Plan A, so together we create a plan which gives them the skills and the knowledge to succeed if sports doesn’t workout. The F.R.E.S.H. Program is new to MLUYFI this year, Mori Sue’sue President & Founder started the program from the ground up six months ago. In the F.R.E.S.H. Program they focus on 3 different areas Education, Technology, and Service.

Student athletes don’t have time to go out and experience many opportunities so it is our job as board members to bring the opportunities to them. We also encourage community service and we believe there is a lot of power in giving back. Community service allows players to find new interests or hobbies and meet new people.

F.R.E.S.H. gives our student athletes a chance to get ahead of the competition, which is what we want for all of them, our goal is for every student athlete that comes through this program to have an opportunity at playing collegiate sports and have a scholarship offer. We support our student-athletes dream to play collegiate sports, but want them to know that it is okay if that doesn’t work out and that they have other opportunities.

Here at F.R.E.S.H. we connect what players do on the field to what they can do outside of their sport. We feel a lot of the skills learned as a student-athlete are what colleges and employers look for in a candidate. We’ve established a strong connection with a number of collegiate coaches in various sports and have established a network with companies to help introduce student athletes to potential employers and career options after college. We plan to do tours at Microsoft, Twitter, Adobe, Google and Facebook along with the PAC12 Conference and various professional teams here in the bay area.

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